Lifted Toyota Trucks in Albuquerque, NM

There are very few dealerships or service departments out there have the experience and skill required to perform a lifted truck service, but here at Toyota Albuquerque we are well equipped to handle your custom truck needs. Lifted trucks come with custom-made, heavy-duty lift-kit suspension systems that are different in structure and nature from the normal truck suspensions. In addition, these trucks also come with engines that are tuned at specific and unique gear ratios in order to accommodate and propel their larger, heavier wheels. Our custom trucks are lifted trucks are specially cut and fabricated in order to accommodate necessary additional lift kit components. Without a doubt, a service center that is inexperienced in servicing such trucks will not have the knowledge or capacity to service your lifted truck needs. Our technicians have been factory-trained by Toyota, and they are also certified mechanical experts. Therefore, you can trust that when you bring your lifted vehicle to us for servicing, or have us do custom work done to your Toyota Truck our technicians will do an excellent job every time.

In order to accommodate people who want a custom lift done schedule an appointment and drop by our dealership at 10401 Copper Ave. NE Albuquerque, NM 87123.You can also call us at 866-638-3350.

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