2018 Toyota 4Runner Review and Comparison in Albuquerque, NM

The Toyota 4Runner is a Rugged, Refined & Adventure-Ready Off-Road Warrior

The new 4Runner truly is a special breed of tough SUV models, and there really isn't anything else in the industry quite like it. While this vehicle may indeed be a holdout in the modern era of vehicles today, it still kicks up dirt with the best of the best off-roaders out there.

Toyota appropriately named this vehicle the 4Runner, which stands for "4-Wheel-Drive Off-Road Runner". This should give you a good idea of what this SUV is all about, as Toyota built it specifically for those who love chasing adventure that takes them off of the beaten path and onto to extremely harsh unpaved terrain!

With an MSRP starting at a competitive $34,610, the new 4Runner is cheaper than many of its biggest rivals in its class. New trim levels for the 2018 generation now include the entry-level 4Runner SR5 and SR5 Premium, the upscale 4Runner Limited, as well as the heavy-duty 4Runner TRD Off-Road, TRD Off-Road Premium, and TRD Pro.

No, the Toyota 4Runner is not the most high-tech or the most modern SUV available. What it is however, is a true off-road warrior that is ready for your wildest of adventures!

Incredible Off-Roading Capabilities To Enjoy

Before we dive into the bread and butter of the new 4Runner, let's briefly discuss what is powering this vehicle under the hood. Now in its fifth generation, it boasts a large-and-in-charge 4.0-liter V6 engine at the heart of its drivetrain, delivering up to 270 horsepower and up to 287 pound-feet of blistering torque. When properly equipped, this SUV can trailer up to 5,000 pounds with ease too, perfect for your other motorized toys. 

Now for the bread and butter. The 4Runner proudly possesses tons of incredibly strong and durable off-roading components and systems, so you can conquer even the most unforgiving of terrain. There are two different 4-Wheel Drive systems to choose from, and calling them impressive would be a massive understatement. Take your pick between either the part-time 4WD system with Active Traction Control (A-TRAC), or the full-time 4WD system with A-TRAC as well as a Torsen® limited-slip center differential with locking feature. There is no wrong choice, it just has to do with your preferences.

The innovative Multi-Terrain Select feature of the new 4Runner will allow you to choose one of four driving modes to help regulate wheelspin, depending upon the particular off-road environment that you find yourself in. Toyota then generously threw a lever-type transfer case, the praised Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System, and also the advanced Crawl Control feature into the mix on top of that. The result? The latest Toyota 4Runner can tackle nearly any type of terrain that you can find! Where will you go?

An Iconic Exterior Style & Durable Design, Evolved

On the outside, the new 4Runner looks tough, rugged and strong, and that's because it is. And this timeless design was inspired by none other than the "Toyota Trekker", a model first introduced back in the early 1980s! This was essentially a small pickup with a cab placed right on top of the truck-bed. A few years later, the 4Runner nameplate was officially born, and this vehicle featured the same type of body-on-frame construction of the very first Trekker. While many competing SUVs are built with a unibody frame for better fuel economy, today's Toyota 4Runner still maintains its roots and utilizes this body-on-frame build for more reliable off-roading. Because that's the theme of the 4Runner; long-lasting off-roading abilities are placed above all else.

When we say "long-lasting", we really mean it. In fact, even after thousands of miles of treacherous off-road trails, 90% of 4Runners sold in the last decade are still driving strong. Speaking to appearances alone, the 4Runner looks muscular, athletic and quite boxy too (thanks to that body-on-frame construction we talked about). Form follows function here, but in the case of the new Toyota 4Runner, it works very well.

Comfortable Interior Cabin with Tons of Cargo Space

Even though the 4Runner excels the most when adventuring through the great unknown in the face of rough conditions, that certainly doesn't mean that it won't keep you and your passengers comfortable while doing so. The cabin is surprisingly refined, very versatile, and also full of creature comforts for all to enjoy when you hit the road for a weekend getaway into the wilderness. The seats are roomy and comfortable, so you won't want to hop out of the car halfway through an afternoon-long excursion across the desert, in the forest, or over the plains.

Sit back, relax, and get closer to nature with the new Toyota 4Runner. With the available power moonroof, you can always let in the natural sunlight and fresh air whenever you please. If you need seating for 7, select trims can even be configured with a third row of seats. What about cargo for your adventurous gear? The 4Runner has a whopping 88.8 cubic feet of cargo space (more than the Jeep Wrangler), which surely will be more than enough for all of your outdoor equipment, tents, bags, hiking supplies, mountaineering gear, and whatever else you need to bring along with you.

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